What is Forex:

From the beginning What is the term Forex is a term in English and is divided into two words Foreign exchange ") and means foreign exchange or foreign exchange, and we mean here that forex trading requires a pair of currencies in the sense of other forex traders need to buy or sell work for other work and the husband is determined with full desire, for example: EUR-USD, GBP-CHF, CAD-JPY, USD-NZD

Advantages of Forex Trading:

•The largest financial market in the world, the daily movement of selling and buying on Forex is estimated at three trillion dollars, which means that it is a huge market and countless investors.
•Selling and buying service 24 hours for 5 days a week.
•Online Market Centrally from anywhere in the world you can make purchases and purchases online.
•It gives you (leverage) or market power when you trade in a small amount.
•Most brokerage firms in the Forex market are subject to the British Capital Market.

How can people make profits in Forex and are far from this world and not familiar with the movement of currencies in general On the whole trading in the Forex market is very ambiguous so that just to predict the movement of prices will enable your trading to be successful and achieve a lot of profits if you feel that the euro value A little, all you have to do is buy a dollar from the EUR / USD pair and execute a sell order and in the end you will make a profit or loss if your prediction is not right. However, trading by forecast, which can sometimes make profits, will not make you skilled. The market is based on knowledge before taking the decision to sell or To buy.

You have a chance to learn Forex:

Professional trader is the one who develops himself before the start in this area, especially as it is a field of veterinary with anyone who enters and therefore knowledge must be by looking at the new and analyzing the market from the perspective of different before making any decision to sell or buy
Trader Professional is the one who uses several tools during trading, starting from the follow-up of news through the media and even a variety of different indicators and eXperts. Daily trading volume in the Forex market daily reaches $ 3 trillion and it is difficult for any trader to get a portion of these profits even if simple. All that is required in order to become a professional trader is patience, not fear and not greed, in addition to, of course, knowledge

What is the difference between Forex and Stock Exchange?

The difference between the stock market and Forex: The stock market is on the local level and Forex is also a stock market, but on the global level, through the stock market you can buy shares and not to win and continue to stock collapse and you can not do anything, in Forex you can determine your loss and determine your gains at the end of ease.

How To Trade Online Forex?

The Forex market offers plenty of opportunities to capitalize on the big gains when you learn to trade professionally. However, many investors in this market may suffer, whether they are novice traders or seasoned investors and so to reach the best level of good performance. Often, those who fall victim to thinking, fear, over-trading and ignoring price action in the short term are among other factors. The seven tips below will help you overcome these obstacles and educate you about them:

Focus on daily charts
•Take advantage of the most profitable trades and low risk trades
•Capital base management
•Simplify trading approach
•Focus on price action
•Avoid frequent trading
•Loss and profit management
•Commitment to daily graphs

Traders often make mistakes when trying to replace daily charts with price movements every hour or even minutes per minute. Which usually causes a disaster as these prices are often unreliable and do not show a real picture of the currency market you are trying to take advantage of. Instead, rely on the daily charts of the currency pair you're looking for. Which will drive you to make bigger profits by trading less.

Choose the best trades only
By focusing on daily charts, you will be able to identify the most profitable trades in terms of price movements or risks. Learn how to recognize price movement and use it in the Forex market to help you leverage your leverage with confidence. Forex traders often try to exploit multiple trades and end up losing. Instead, learn to focus your efforts on higher yielding returns with minimal risk.

Capital base management
Greed and greed can often cause investors to carry more than they can afford in the market. Based on the above, you should avoid risking more than 3 percent of your account in a single transaction. Risking more puts you at risk of losing a large part of your head in one operation. Rest assured that you can always add more to your trading when you're profitable and make sure you keep it going for your benefit.

Make it simple
It is important to develop an exchange system that fits your approach. For example, learn about the best indicators and data points that best suit your needs. It is best to rely on a simple set of factors rather than a long, tired list that causes you confusion and / or reluctance to open and close trades. Test your trends by reflecting and maintaining a record of your business and market activity. This helps you rely on your analysis and establishes more confidence and then the ability to capture opportunities.

Reliable price treatment
The tape never lies. In other words, regardless of the severity of the analysis, the transaction price is the determinant of profit and loss. Relying on price action on daily charts is the most effective approach to taking advantage of gains in the Forex world. In the end, I hit the tape.

Avoid frequent trading
Excessive trading is often the "heel of Achilles" for most investors in the currency market. Many people think that the more money is traded, the better the fact that the blessing is in the little. Select a few settings monthly or on a quarterly basis. This is often the best approach to profit in the Forex world. The attempt to trade multiple times daily or weekly often causes capital loss and long-term empty accounts.

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